Cast & Crew Accommodations

FILM AT HILTON then relax when you wrap

Housing your talent is the role we were born to play.

We don’t mind being typecast here: housing people is what we’re known for. Whether you need a block of rooms for your production crew or for a hotel to deliver an upscale, exclusive experience for A-list talent, we have you covered at Hilton. 

Our role is to make sure each of your guests — from the production crew to the talent — has a flawless experience while on location. Whether you’re producing the next blockbuster or indie film, major music festival or star-studded awards show, Hilton has a place for your production crew and talent. 

Need to book a block of rooms with broadband WiFi and 24-hour meal service for your road crew? Handled. 

What about catering to the needs of your A-list talent with luxury accommodations and concierge services? Consider it done. 

Special requests, extra touches and an extraordinary wrap party? We’ve got your back. 

With more than 4,660 hotels around the world, we can accommodate production crews and budgets of all sizes with space and room needs at any level.

  • 100+ Movies shot at Hilton properties in more than six decades
  • 50+ Hotels featured in TV and film
  • 40+ TV shows shot at Hilton properties
  • 6 Countries represented in filming